The beginnings

In early 2018, founders Tim Neely and Nate Thomas put their heads together to plan the automotive show that East of the Mississippi needed. An 80's and 90's pop culture event whose focal point is the automotive subculture of the time. Starting in the Midwest, Tim and Nate aim to do shows in the southwest, the gulf region, and the atlantic coast. 

Our vision

MotorVice is a brand designed for maximum nostalgia. Our goal with these events is to create a community for the ultimate enthusiasts. The 80's and 90's were the time to be alive. 


Q: My vehicle is early 2000’s, but late 90’s model year. Can I still enter the show? 
A: For sure! If it’s a 90’s model, bring it!

Q: Will there be vendors? 
A: Yes! We have crafted this event to take you back to the 80's and 90's. We have several vendors who specialize in finding classic clothing, toys, memorabilia and more! We also have new product vendors coming as well!

Q: How rad is this going to be?